Mark Glosson

Jan 282013

Hey Shipmates,
Been a while since I contacted you so thought I would share the first online version of the Association News Letter with you.  Also, for those of you that may not have heard, the Quapaw sank at the pier in Richmond, CA late last year.  She was refloated and has since been turned over to a salvage yard and dismantled.  There are many pictures in the newsletter showing the work to get her afloat one last time as well as her and the Moctobi in dry dock being dismantled.

The ship lives on though.  You will find an article o the USS Hoga, a WWII tug that will be turned into a museum, she received a Water Tight hatch from the Quapaw.  I remember how hard it was in the 80’s to get parts for those doors and hatches.  I did some trading with the New Jersey for a few parts then just began manufaturing my own from newer parts that did not fit properly.  The Hoga was a good recipient for transplant as her crew used the Hoga to help my Dad and Uncle along with the rest of the USS Nevada crew on 7 December 1941.  The association was also able to secure the bow anchor from the ship.  The anchor with a shot of chain was delivered to the Quapaw Tribe Museum in Quapaw, OK. where it will be displayed in the courtyard in front of their museum.  There should be a dedication ceremony later this year.

The association currently has 85 paying members, 57 for 2013 and 28 from 2012.  We have maintained our dues at $10 per year, that is enough to cover newsletter publication and mailings as well as our donation to the Tug Museum in the name of deceased members.  The association has also been able to place a plaque at the Navy Memorial Foundation in memory of the Quapaw and will be having a brick placed at a WWII memorial in memory of the ship.  The majority of our members are WWII and Korean War era shipmates.  In the last year we have lost half a dozen members as they passed over the bar.  There are only a couple of us from the Decom years of the ship that are active but I would love to see more of us in the association.  I doubt it will be too long and we will be needing new Officers (younger) to maintain the association as our older members need to step down or pass on.

Please consider joining us as members and we will be able to carry the memories of the USS Quapaw for many years to come.  I haven’t made a reunion yet (darned having to work to pay the bills) but I do hope to make the dedication of the anchor this year.  I will try to let you know when it will be done, maybe some of you can make it out as well and we can get together again.

Drop me a line, I would love to hear from you all.

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