I received this e-mail:


Yes the tug that sank at Richmond, Calif. She is now back up. Still looks proud.

She is now owned by the City of Richmond, Richmond Harbor as the old owners from Turkey walked away. The Harbor-master Michael Williams said both Quapaw and Moctobi are going to be scrapped. He can be reached at

I wanted one or both to make static displays out of, putting one in Mare Island, and one maybe in SF. The Harbor will not let them go, they want the scrap money.

How can we force the City Harbor to stop the scrap plans of such historic vessels? Some kind of injunction or law suit, a *cease and desist* order or request to halt activity? I don’t know law, I was a CM.

This must be stopped, this is an outrage to destroy such historic items. I love these ships and would like to find a way.

Kindest regards,


Any ideas shipmates?

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